Monty Halls’ Hebridean Escape

I can’t believe I missed this:

“After a year of city living, marine biologist and professional diver Monty Halls returns to live the good life in the Highlands and islands of Scotland. This time, he and his canine companion Reuben are sharing a restored crofter’s cottage on the Hebridean island of North Uist. And this time, he has a job to do – a volunteer wildlife ranger.

Monty throws himself into island life – Highland Games, fishing for salmon and trout, and exploring the wildlife and remote reaches of his new domain. But winter is just around the corner, and he also needs to dig peat for fuel and fatten up pigs and turkeys for Christmas.”

Starts Tuesday 21.00 on BBC2.

If it hadn’t been for Rachel mentioning, in her blog, that she will be missing the first episode wherein Monty and Keith feature in a funny fence building episode, I would never have known about the return of the Hebrides to the small screen.

Still, I guess it doesn’t matter, as it will be aired during my working hours, so I will miss the entire series.

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