Apple User Support is Pathetic

Installed the new iTunes update on my PC this weekend and the found that my iPhone no longer syncs. I went to the online Apple iTunes discussion forums and spent hours following the advice offered there by users (Apple support noteworthy by its absence), only to find my iTunes programme stopped working altogether. Downloading iTunes twice using a mobile internet service means I have reached my “reasonable use” limit for the month, so will have no service until May. iTunes no longer works, my phone can’t sync to it, rendering the phone near useless?

Apple support seem unable to provide answers as to the problem, inferring it’s an issue with Windows or something called MobileMe, which I am not even using. In all the user support forums I perused, not once did Apple provide a solution to a problem that has only occurred with the installation of their latest update, preferring instead to infer that only a few are experiencing this problem (really? ever read your own forums?), escalating queries, but not once providing a working solution. Some users claimed to have solutions, but everything I tried ended in more frustration. I am so very, very p!ssed off.

If I want support for this problem, I am required to pay £35 according to Apple’s UK website, just to make a phone call and speak to one of their people, who, according to the discussion forums, are not even acknowledging there is a widespread problem with their latest update. Well, who the hell is going to pay £35 to report a bug that is clearly being ignored by its creators? Of course, no-one is telephoning, but if they were to peek at their own website and the complaints of PC users who have iPhones and iTunes, they might actually see where they’ve f^cked up.

Can you imagine the money they are making from this bug they’ve created, but won’t fix?

I was actually quite keen on my iPhone, right up until this weekend and the many hours I’ve wasted attempting to fix a problem that has no resolution and no sign of one on the horizon. I should have known better …

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