Road Rage

If you are driving in, or around, London and find yourself in the vicinity of a Black MG convertible, with a licence plate ending in LCE, and a man is driving – be very, very careful.

This maniac came up behind me at breakneck speeds on the A2 between Bexely and Eltham, in the slow (left hand) lane. He narrowly missed the back of my car, just as I braked because the truck in front of me did, as he jerked into the right lane and slammed on his brakes in front of a white 4×4 and flipped the bird at the driver of said 4×4. He then continued to drop below the speed limit considerably, obviously to try and aggravate the driver of the 4×4 who, it appeared to me at that stage, was trying to keep a safe distance

These two then continued a game of cat and mouse, all the way down to the Lewisham turnoff, both moving from the right hand lane onto the slip road, cutting off cars in the slow lane.

Cutting up traffic and then stepping on the brake hard in the fast lane is dangerous and, if an acccident had occurred, I would have stopped and made sure the police were aware that, in this instance, it was the dangerous behavour of Mr MG, not Mr 4×4 that was the catalyst. I should hope he would land himself in gaol for such outrageous behaviour.

What really gets my goat is that if Mr 4×4 had been unable to stop in time, he could have swerved into me, jamming me against the high brick walls. In other words Mr MG was endangering my life, too.

Right now, though, I want to know why those lovely CCTV watchers weren’t tracking this behaviour and sending police to curb the nightmare-inducing driving style of Mr MG. Where are the police interceptors we see on television all the time when idiots like Mr MG are on the loose?

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