The Forgetting of Wisdom:

Author:  Paul McDermott
ISBN: 0140299130 / 9780140299137

A collection of the author’s columns from “Sunday Life”. Sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, and occasionally rather tedious. As this is a collection of small pieces, it was easy to read, allowing me to pick it up and put it down again (mostly when I was bored by a particular piece and needed a break).

As funny at McDermott can be, at least in my memories of his work in the past, somehow this collection was a little lacklustre. Sure, I literally laughed out loud, much to the annoyance of my companions, in one or two places, but I wanted more. It never came.

Still, McDermott has a flair for writing, and for viewing the world from a unique perspective. Perhaps if I was reading these pieces at a rate of one a week, I would have been more appreciative?

Rating: 3½/5

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