Too Friendly?

The first time I saw this robin, he was on the wood stack outside my door. As I was leaving for work, I had to go to the far end of the courtyard and, as I moved, he jumped ahead of me. He never flew, but rather hopped on the ground.

The next day, he was in the Yew tree beside my car, but by the time I’d got my little Samsung camera out, he had flown away. I am presuming here it’s the same robin.

The day after that, I took my camera out to photograph some snowdrops that had just sprung flowers and, as I was photographing them ~ flash sparking and clicking noises ~ this little robin came over to watch. Again, he stayed on the ground and hopped along.

I was a little concerned with this type of over-friendly behaviour, because if the cat had been around, this little robin would have been predated. Still, it allowed me to get a very nice picture.

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