3 Hungry Boys

Last week, I received a newsletter from River Cottage about a new programme starting on Channel 4, on Saturday afternoons, wherein “three best mates, Trevor, Thom and Tim have been challenged by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall to live off the land, for an entire month, without spending any money at all.  Armed with a campervan, some very basic rations and a ferry pass, he’s set them loose in one of the richest natural larders of the British Isles – the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.”

Now, I am a fan of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s programmes and an even bigger fan of Scotland, so I just had to watch 3 Hungry Boys, even though it was on at the ungodly hour of 4 in the afternoon.   I managed to miss the beginning of the show, twice, but did enjoy the rest of the short (30 minutes) foray into foraging and bartering for food in Scotland in August.  

The “boys” are young, and not the type of fans I would expect Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall to have, but they certainly seem up to the task, all having studied marine biology, and also being fans of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, so at least they knew what to look for in, or by, the sea.   The boys are friendly, chatty and, I imagine, a little bonkers, which should make for a lively show.

After watching the first episode, I would be happier if 3 Hungry Boys was an hour long, so we could get more information on the foods they are obtaining, such as the best season, and how they are preparing them – other than dropping everything on the floor first: Trevor –  certainly, I’m hoping to see some spear fishing from under the water.   I would also prefer to have the programme on at a later time, as at 16.00, I am still out and about on a Saturday, running various errands.

I did find an email from the production company, seeking job opportunities for the boys to take up in exchange for food, which might have given them an unfair advantage over anyone else undertaking a similar project.  I had thought, from what I was reading in their interviews, and the interview with Hugh, that they had no assistance from the production team, relying solely on their own knowledge and charm; naïveté on my part, I’m sure.

Ah well.  If I make it home on time on Saturdays, I will continue to watch, though I am sure to miss quite a few episodes.  Let’s just hope they release a DVD of their adventure when the series ends.


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3 responses to “3 Hungry Boys

  1. BlundstonedLove

    Let’s hope they don’t ‘cos the series was faked up & rubbish


  2. Then you will be sad to hear, Blundstoned, that there is to be a DVD and a book and a second series.

    • BlundstonedLove

      Thanks for that – I’ll keep an eye out for the book and DVD next time I’m on the Pound Shop.

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