Are they kidding?

It’s all said here:  “Blackwall Tunnel to close for nigh on three years“.  

I live in Kent, but work in London.  For this, I am penalised along with everyone else who lives in the south-east.  We have fewer river crossings, than the rest, no tube lines, and horrendous public transport, and now Transport for London, after causing shift workers, like myself, delayed journeys for seven years, just to instal a few signs, are now proposing closing the Blackwall Tunnel (again) to anyone who works later than 9 p.m. for nigh on three years, i.e. February 2010 to December 2012.

Now, given the previous works were only stopped in 2007, despite having a deadline of 2004, and never having been completed, we have to wonder what Transport for London are thinking.   The Woolwich Ferry stops running at 20.00 every night, Rotherhithe Tunnel is closed on Monday nights, Tower Bridge is due to close for refurbishment works for three months, which leaves the Dartford Bridge?   So, if you live anywhere along the south of the river, or close by, you have something like a 20 mile diversion.

Is Boris going to compensate drivers, who have to take their car to work, (shift workers, salesmen and the like) for the extra expense to our time and pocket?  I don’t think so. 

And, can anyone tell me why it was possible to have contra-flow running throughout the last seven years of work, no problem, but this is no longer feasible?   If it’s such a concern with lorries, divert them to other routes, and let drivers through.  No, let’s screw those who live in the south-east instead.

A pox on Transport for London.

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