Snowy White

I don’t have pictures, as I’ve been too ill to venture outside other than to get into my car to drive to work, but it’s been snowing again.  As much as I love it and would love to be out in it, it has caused a few problems, work-wise.

Our office has remained open and despite living a long way from my workplace and without the means to travel via public transport, my colleague and I have been expected to drive in during some rather difficult conditions.   It’s even more frustrating for me, as I live on a property wherein the drive, which starts from the private road, is downhill and several hundred yards of winding path, making the ride to the gate (after a night of snow and freezing conditions) a bit of a bumper car ride, but without any real steering capability.    Once off the private road, it’s onto a country lane that doesn’t always get gritted, and, today, I went from one hedgerow bank to the other and back again, several times, having taken a particularly tight bend are more than 5 miles an hour (don’t tell me I should have known better).  I was extremely lucky there wasn’t any oncoming vehicle for me to total.

Oh well.  Given the snow has settled for a while and is subzero temperatures again tonight, I am sure to hit ice all the way home.   The best bit is the downhill runs on curves … really looking forward to those.

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