Bah Humbug

Well, I had lists of things to do over the weekend; none of which I achieved.   My health had other plans you see.   Today, I also had plans to catch-up, but the weather conspired against me.   The weatherman said it was going to rain a little, but I was caught in a snow storm with the wonderful spectacle of blue and white lightening crossing horizontal falls of the white crystals.

As beautiful as it looked, I only wish that people who don’t normally drive motor vehicles during peak hour, but who ventured out today to the malls had had the common sense to stay at home.  Alas, it was not all their fault that Kent and London ground to a standstill, particularly around malls and large shopping districts, as the weathermen did have difficulty predicting the weather, as the temperatures hovered at the level where rain or snow are possible.

Either way, I spent three times as long trying to get to work, with residual health issues, which required the occasional “break”, I was dismayed to find out I had racked up yet more hours I have to “give back” come the New Year.   The worst of it is, that if the abysmal weather conditions continue throughout the evening, I won’t be able to make it home.  The car won’t make it and the taxi firms are taking bookings two hours in advance at this stage.  

Woe is me.  What a solstice this has turned out to be.

Still, the snow does look pretty!

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