Stormy Weather

By the time I left for home this morning, the snow was blowing horizontally, and people were driving at 10 m.p.h. or less.   I had fun, but I don’t think many other drivers did.

It was disappointing to find the roads clear this afternoon, when I was due to leave for work.  I was so hoping for a “snow day”, in order to start my shopping for the holidays.  I have a guest this year, for whom I am supposed to be cooking (that’s a laugh), so I have to plan what I purchase this time, rather than taking whatever is leftover on the last midnight supermarket shop before Christmas Day.

I will be working until midnight on Christmas Eve again, which means I have to have everything in the house by Wednesday night, or it will have to wait until Boxing Day.  

It’s been a bit of a rubbish season this year, as I’ve not had the time, nor money, to distribute cards, let alone gifts.  I feel kind of bad, because people have sent me gifts.   Ah well, Christmas 2010 will be here soon enough and I can repay the kindness then.

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