As I drove home the other night, I turned onto an “A” road and was stopped by some police man.

The young officer asked me if I had been drinking?  I had to giggle, which struck him odd, as I said I had just come from work, where I would not be able to drink and that I am, in fact, a non-drinker, whose last drop was over two months ago and in another country, i.e. hot summer’s day in Oz where cold lager is necessary to quench the heat.

He informed me it was a new initiative to random breath check drivers over the Christmas period.  I said I thought it was a good idea that had been very successful for decades back in my town of origin in Australia.   I wished him well and he let me pass.

At no stage did he actually breathalise me.   Oh well, he must have trusted me.   Even so, it would have been a waste of time as, indeed, my last drink was at my sister’s place in Australia.

I do hope that the police continue to use random breath tests over the festive period, as it does save lives and it’s one of my hates: drivers who drink and drive, along with those who use mobile phones while in motion.  To my mind, they are murderers.

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