Stormy Weather

Storms raged across the UK over the weekend, but things weren’t so bad in my area.   Of course, I had to leave a bucket on the sofa as the water came in through the beams; one inch of water and the roof in the bathroom continued to let enough rain in to make patterns on my wall, even though my landlady insists they have repaired that roof.

Despite the thunder, and other assorted bangs and clangs as the wind caused drafts to rip through my accommodations, I did catch up on my sleep this weekend.   I didn’t oversleep and miss appointments, but, today, I do feel rather well rested.  My cough still lingers, but I feel much better.

One odd thing has occurred over the last few weeks and that is the reappearance of people from my past; people I’d rather forget.   There are some people who really do just get buried in the back of your mind, and any memory of them slips away into obscurity and you never miss them.   The popularity of social networking sites has given these people a chance to resurface and start niggling in the recesses of your brain.   Even acquaintences, for whom I never had time before, are suddenly wanting to “friend” me and, of course, I ignore them but I am wary as I am not sure if these social networking sites send messages and, if so, what.   Actually, I hope message says “X says they don’t know you; never did; and never want to, so your friend request, and you have been rejected .” … then they might leave me alone.

The past is the past and I’d rather leave it there.

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