Surprise Find

I have mentioned several times before how I enjoy listening to Sa Dingding‘s album, “Alive“, indeed I have posted two blogs on the subject.  The album is on my iPod and I listen to it regularly, as I do other albums.  I am always looking for new music, however.

So, when I have to endure hours and hours stuck in an aeroplane at 40,000 feet, I tend to check out their music rather than movies: the films are often awful and I prefer to watch the flight path information screen, if anything.   So, I set about reading Singapore Airline‘s  Krisworld entertainment listings.    I scrolled through listing after listing and what did I find under World Music?   Yes, you guessed it!   Sa Dingding‘s “Alive” album.  

Although I didn’t listen to it immediately, I did put the album on when I wanted to snooze and needed something soothing to drown out the engine noise.

I did find another album, which I subsequently purchased, and that was Seth Lakeman’sPoor Man’s Heaven“.  I didn’t quite “get it” on the first listen; I wasn’t sure what to think.   I went back to it later in the flight and was able to give it my full attention (I think I was too tired the first time around) and found myself tapping my feet, much to the chagrin of my fellow passengers. 

I did notice that the reviews of “Poor Man’s Heaven” at Amazon were mixed indeed, some long-time fans seeming to feel it was a bit monotone in comparison to his other albums.   Well, if this is Seth Lakeman’s worst effort, I will be making sure I listen to his other work, as I imagine I am in for a real treat!

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