In Praise of Technology

I must admit to having serious problems with my mobile phone before I left on my trip to Australia.   These were exacerbated by the SIM card dying on my last day in Australia, as I wanted to book my taxi from the airport to home.

I arrived back in the country on the Saturday, and by Sunday I was at my local O2 store trying to retrieve the data stored on my SIM to no avail.  The end result of over an hour’s consultation was the purchase of an iPhone.  I have to admit that my poor little mobile internet connection was unable to download the manual for said iPhone, so I had to work intuitively.

After a lot of hassle retrieving my message from Gmail, I was on my way.   I must admit to having a feeling of smugness whenever I use my iPod, which is frequently.   No more changing CDs, opening and closing storage boxes trying to find a particular song, being able to listen to podcasts, no “jumps” or pauses in the music whilst running or driving, etc. has made listening to music a joy.   Well, the iPhone picks up where my iPod leaves off.   It has applications which act like little assistants with various things, even helping me with my Gaelic language work, weather, tv guides, wildlife identification and moon phases.   I particularly like being able to assign any song from my iTunes library as a ringtone to my contacts.    Everyone now has their own theme tune.   Now, I feel really smug.

Okay, so some might view having an iPhone as a luxury, but I have no landline, so all my communication bills are generated by my mobile internet and iPhone, which means I pay much less than a lot of other people.

There is only one downside to my iPhone and that’s the loss of my previous mobile number.   Despite O2 promising me a PAK number so I could transfer my number of 13 years, the postal strikes and the delay in delivery 30 million letters (which must have included all of my post from the last two months), means I lost the opportunity to keep my old, and easy to remember, mobile number.  

Ah well, I’m off to look for more apps to install. 

Oh wait: there is another downside, the camera.    It’s lucky I carry a small digital camera in my handbag at all times, because the camera provided on the iPhone is rather pathetic.   I guess we can’t have everything after all.

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