I am NOT a business

Will someone please inform O2 and the Carphone Warehouse that I am NOT a business.  It seems no-one wishes to believe that I am an individual and not a business and this has cost me 5 hours of my life, stress and an upgrade on my mobile phone.   

I received a letter from the Carphone Warehouse to say I was entitled to an upgrade on and from 17 September.   So, off I trotted down to my local Carphone Warehouse, whose address was on the letter.    They started the process, but … ooops, we don’t hvae the phone you want in stock.   Fair enough, I’ll go to another store down the road.   

“No, we no longer sell the 8GB iPhone, it’s old stock and nobody has them anymore.”

“Well, that’s not what your store down the road just told me. ”

“Well, that’s wrong”

“Here it is on the website” and I hand over the piece of paper.

“That’s not from our website!” says curt young man representing Carphone Warehouse.

“That’s okay, I will go where they do stock them”

“Nobody does” he responds forcefully.

“Well if it’s on this site, they must have it, by law” and I walk out.

So, on to O2 half a block away, who have the 8GB iPhone in stock, but … lo and behold … their computer systems have just crashed (this will become a recurring theme), but the consultant informs me said young man at Carphone Warehouse is wrong.  The phone is still widely available, it’s just the old model.  The new iPhone only comes in 16GB or 32GB.

Fine, so it’s back to first Carphone Warehouse store I visited, the one that sent me the letter.   Yes, we can do the new 16GB iPhone, but we only have it in white and the only store that has black is 50 miles away in Sutton.   Really?  No other Carphone Warehouse store in London currently has it in black? 

So, I drive up to Carphone Warehouse at London Wall to see if they have it.  Yes, they do, but for some inexplicable reason, the system won’t let me upgrade until the 18th, despite the fact the letter says 17th.   Come back tomorrow, madam.  In the time that I sat there, however, the young man had problems getting the computer system to work.

Will you hold the 16GB iPhone in Black for me?   Yes!   Result.

So, I drive back up to Carphone Warehouse at London Wall today to get my upgrade.    Sorry, you can’t upgrade until December 2006.

I kid you not, folks, the system would not allow me to upgrade until December 2006.   So, that problem is sorted by Luis, the manager, as this particular Carphone Warehouse store.   Then, he tries to get an upgrade only to be told I can’t because I have a business account?  This is news to me, as I have never had a business.

He proceeds to call people who may be able to help, including someone called Chris in their dealer upgrade department.   From there, he telephoned someone called Patrick, who informs Luis I have had a business account since 1996?   This is news to me.   Of course, I can buy the new iPhone and start a consumer account, with a new number and then have my number transferred when the current contract runs out on 30 October.

Of course, as my mobile is my only means of telephonic communications (I haven’t had a landline in a decade), this is unsuitable as I need to be on-call for my work.   

I have made one decision though and that is I won’t be renewing my contract with O2, nor will I deal with Carphone Warehouse again.  As readers of this blog may know, I bought my last telephone with my local Carphone Warehouse and they obviously mis-sold me my contract.   I was adamant I wanted to pay no more than £35 a month (including VAT) and the woman then assured me that’s all my bill would be as she had gone through my old bills and got the correct amount of inclusive minutes on the deal.

Please note:  at this point, I was not upgrading, but signing up to a new contract (or so I thought), but this appears to have been a “business” contact (continuing from 1996???) and not as an individual “consumer”*.

My first bill comes through for £57!   Not only that the Samsung phone was a nightmare and, at it happens in the last two weeks has started turning itself off during phone calls or whilst idle.  What’s more, the accessories my colleague received with her Samsung were absent from mine and the Carphone Warehouse responded by saying it was a lottery as to whether or not you got all the accessories.    You can read about this particular problem on my blog at “Samsung & Carphone Warehouse” and “Missing Accessories for Samsung G600 Pink“.

It’s not surprising then that I’ve had so much trouble and mis-information with Carphone Warehouse and O2.     It would not surprise me to learn (at some later date) that some idiot at either company messed up my accounts and caused all this hassle with a computer entry error or a system crash and just fudged re-inputting my data.   And may the gods help that person if I ever find out their identity …

So, why did I receive a letter from my local Carphone Warehouse telling me I was entitled to an upgrade on 17 September?   And, if I was so entitled, how can they then refuse, legally?  If anyone can answer this, I’d like to hear from you.

So, come December, when O2 lose their exclusivity contract with Apple, I will sign up with another network provider and, I hope, receive superior service.   I heartily recommend others to stay away.






* The terms Carphone Warehouse and O2 use to distinguish their customers.

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  1. thank you 🙂 I’m never off line you know! It’s just that there’s an awful lot of non pc stuff going on trying to get the lease on more ground, so whilst dealing with that am trying to stay as positive as possible on the blog! As I mentioned I might just start a non pc one…….call it the incompetence of beaurocrats and quangos. Really though, we’re still confident we’ll manage to wade through it all and hopefully be farming all of Orbost farm come November 🙂 From reading the above, it seems the incompetence is rife in all areas of life…….ref. uprising and why it is quite so inspiring!!!! XX

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