On the way into a car park this morning, I lost control of Elvy and slid sideways into the gutter, only to be bounced to the other side of the road where I hit that gutter.    It seemed like an age before I regained control of the car.  It was like skating on ice, but without any sort of resistance.  I had no steering and no grip on the wheels.   

When I did regain control, I managed to creep the car up the ramp and park it.  I went into the shop and got what I needed and then came out and called the RAC.   It was several hours before I got home. 

I am lucky: no-one else was on the roads at 1 a.m. (probably because of the heavy rain) and I walked away unscathed.  That said, I cannot afford the excess on my insurance, let alone to pay for the repairs myself, even though there is no damage to Elvy’s bodywork; only the wheel, wishbone, axle and steering are damaged.   My mechanic is going to have a look at it on Monday and give me a quote.   Thing is, if I go through the insurance, I get a courtesy car for work, but I lose my no-claims and I still have to pay the excess – money I don’t have.   If I pay for it myself, my premiums go up, but I get no courtesy car and where do I find the money for the repairs in the first instance?

Nightmare this – and it comes at a time when I haven’t a penny to spare.

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