It has been a while since I posted, but there is a reason.  I’ve been very, very busy.   Work has been manic: good, in that there’s overtime; bad, in that there is no time for me.

My best friend arrived from Australia and has had an awful time with an agency that promised her everything while she was in Australia and has delivered nothing now she is in the U.K.   Have had to scramble to find her contacts in the teaching industry, and this (bank holiday) weekend, she has to find somewhere to live in inner London, where she needs to work.

The poor thing was so disheartened after her induction day, she wanted to return home, but her family and I have convinced her to stay by pointing out the marvellous sense of achievement she will feel once she has settled and all the disappointments are behind her.   Today, she is more optimistic as she spent time at the Tate Modern, and I think that gave her some inspiration; she is an artist first.

I would like her to stick around so we can do a bit of exploring together.  There is still so much I have yet to see of these isles and the continent remains almost untouched by me.

So, that’s a round-up, which doesn’t seem a lot given how long it’s been since I posted, but I promise I haven’t sat down for a minute.  I have post unread and DVDs unseen … and they may remain so for quite a while yet.

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