So, I arrived at work at 16.30 on Friday afternon and left at 11.00 am. on Saturday morning. I was tired the, but sleep was to be had.   There was a party going on up at the pool, which, ordinarly, wouldn’t be a problem, except the guests kept coming down to the house.  It was a hot, humid day and I got very little sleep.

So, in the evening I got up and watched a bit of television and surfed the net.  This was a mistake, because drunken louts who had lost their way, decided to try and break the handle off my door, assuming because my lights were on, that the party was in my place. They also rattled and banged on my windows.   I wouldn’t have minded so much, but I was exhausted and, at one point, in the bathroom when someone started trying to force their way in.  In the end, I went to the door and told them to “f^ck off”.  

By Sunday, I was really grumpy and still hadn’t slept and, in the afternoon, much to my dismay, they were still trying to gain access to my rooms.   I was so angry, I felt it best to stay indoors and not meet with my landlords.   I did receive a formal apology today, but I have insisted on a notice being put up saying my rooms are private if any parties occur in the future and attendees are given free access to the hallway into which my back door opens.

I am thankful to the gods that the office is very quiet tonight and I can get some rest.  

Apparently, this week marks the anniversary of my getting my new car, Elvy.   Her MOT is due this week and I think she will pass.  How lovely its been to have a car that is so reliable, even when you drive it through water that reaching into the footwell, the engine keeps running.   Elvy has been a dream, and I hope she continues to be so.

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