Problematic Pipes

Isn’t it annoying when you get up, turn on the shower and … nothing?   Don’t you hate when you are unwashed and unkept, have to draw on some clothes, and go and find your landlady to ask about the water, only to be told a pipe has burst and the plumbers have disappeared?

Isn’t it frustrating when you have an appointment that you’ve booked weeks in advance, but can’t have a shower or clean your teeth?

Personally, I get fed up when I wake up a few hours after finding out there’s no water, having cancelled and rescheduled my appointment, only to find the electricity has gone, too; especially when the electrician was supposed to fix the problem the day before.

But, what really gets my goat is when none of these problems have been resolved and I have to telephone work to say I will be late.   I tell you:  I wish my fecking landlord would not fiddle about with pipes when he is not a qualified plumber!

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