Gas Cooker

A big “thank you” is owed to my sister, who convinced me to buy a portable gas cooker

I had been using a bench top oven with two hotplates, but you could only use one thing at a time, which meant if you were using the oven, you couldn’t use the hotplates, so a roast and veggies was out.   Also, I was unable to do a good stir fry because I just couldn’t get enough heat, or control.   Not any more.

My sister was browsing around in Lakeland, as all cooks are want to do, and I asked her what she thought of the idea.   Well, sis had experience camping with these portable cookers and said they were fantastic.   So, I purchased one and she showed me how to use it.   Since she left, I have used it twice and its wonderful.   Stir fry is a breeze and I’m sure a cooked breakfast will be on the cards for one upcoming Sunday morning.

So, “thanks” Sis for showing me the way.

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