Bad Hairdressing Day

I take a lot of time and care over choosing a hairdresser, mostly because my hair has a will of its own and, unless you just go with it, and cut and treat it in accordance with its natural growth, all goes wrong.

So, I have seen my current hairdress (to whom I was recommended) four times now, but today is the last.   Why?  Because I asked for three inches to be trimmed, which should have left it halfway down my shoulderblade.  Instead, my hair is bobbing on the tops of my shoulders.  I even showed her exactly where I wanted my hair to be cut.   I wanted it a bit shorter, but not too short, as I wanted to still be able to put it up for my brother’s wedding next year and my hair does not grow that fast.

Of course, I didn’t notice the extent of the error until I got to work and could see it in the bathroom mirrors, as I am never able to see what they show me in those tiny back view mirrors hairdressers have.

What’s more, I asked to blow dry it curly, so the colour line wouldn’t show and yet I walked out with straight hair.   So, today was the last time with this particular hairdresser.

There is also the small (?) matter of cost.  It seems I am paying central London prices for a salon in the sticks and I don’t know why.  

Oh well.  I will just have to start looking for a new stylist and pray I win the lottery and can get hair extensions to cover up the error.

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