Elderflower Fritters

Whislt reading through the blogs to which I subscribe this evening, I stumled across a real treat:, a recipe for Elderflower Fritters.   Do go and read it, as The Hermitage have included some scrumpious pictures to tempt potential cooks.

Now, I had elderlfower and elderberry cordial, elderberry wine before, and I’ve seen and heard about elderflower champagne, but I have never heard of deep frying them before.  I have seen a programme about traditional foods in rural China where they deep-fried in batter some flowers before, but never thought such a thing was done in England.

So, if there are any elderflowers left about our place on the weekend, I might just give this recipe a go myself.

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  1. 74pappy

    Elderflower fritter was on Great British Menu, as part of a dessert 2 year ago. I think Mark Hix did it and won and presented it at the English Embassy in Paris. As he did summer fruits in Perry Jelly with Elderflower Ice Cream, it look fabulous

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