Kissing Cousins?

I received some marriage certificates on the weekend, which I had ordered to aid my search for my ancestors.   It highlighted an interesting link.  

I have always known that my father’s maternal family name is Murphy, but I now know that my mother’s great-great-grandmother was also a Murphy.   Goes to show that someway back, they are related and might even share some DNA.    I must admit to having a bit of a giggle at the scenario.

Searching the interne tonight, I am having great difficulty in tracing records for the said family, who may hail from South Carolina.   It seems that John Henry Oxford, a seaman by occupation, had a son by Anne Murphy and said son was born in South Carolina in the United States of America around 1865.   Unfortunately, that is all the information I have: no county name, no date of birth, no immigration papers, no other paperwork whatsoever.   So, if anyone is doing a search for this family and stumbles across some paperwork or evidence of their existence, please do drop me a line.  

I have had to delete about 14 relatives from the tree tonight, after discovering John Oxford’s place of birth was the United States and not Sydney, Australia.   It appears there was more than one living in Sydney in the 1800s, born within a year of each other and the research has become muddled in some family trees.   This genealogy business is hard going at times, but I am beginning to realise the value of getting copies of all certificates, rather than relying on entries in record books.

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