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I’m afraid I haven’t had time to write here of late.   Monday, I took the night off work as I hadn’t slept the whole night through since Friday.  Yes, I have insomnia – again.    Its getting better, five hours last night, but still not the whole night through.

We’ve been very busy at work, too, so I’ve not had time to use the internet really.    With the protests in London, many of my colleagues were advised to stay home, so it was left to those of us who work nights to pick up the slack.   Fair enough, I guess, except everyone seemed to overlook the fact that the violence increased in the evenings and it was a struggle to get to and, more so, from work.    I can sympathise with some of the causes these people are protesting about, but I do think they go about it the wrong way.   If you want to change something, do it from the inside.   Standing outside and shouting gets nowhere.  Nobody pays that much attention any more, except the media.

Actually, I have a bone to pick with the journalists this week.  They have been so focussed on the G20 and the protestors they’ve practically ignored what is a national tragedy: the loss of 16 souls in a helicopter accident off the coast of Scotland.   Ordinarily, this would be a headline event with major coverage.  As it is, its hardly been noticed by anyone – whereas a similar event in another country, on any other news day, would rate more news minutes/column inches.

Shame on British journalists I say.

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