Brisbane to Gladstone

Now that my uncle has moved back to Sydney, he has rejoined the yacht racing arena, and I have been informed he is to sail in this year’s Brisbane to Gladstone.  

The whole family are getting together and going down to see his start.    As one of my paternal aunts lives nearby, I expect they will all retire to her house after he has sailed out of view.  It should be a great family day and, no doubt, our clan will make up a huge amount of the support for his yacht.   

My uncle has sailed the route before and should be alright.   He has also done the Sydney to Hobart several times.  Even so, I wish him a safe journey and a second or third place, if he’s not to be first across the finish line.


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4 responses to “Brisbane to Gladstone

  1. witchless

    I think he is now worried about skarks we have a lot here at the moment. If he gets seasick he has to walk the plank. ha ha!
    love mum

  2. witchless

    Hi — I think your mum is an idiot. I eat sharks!! Just don’t like getting wet.

    Love Linds

  3. Linds – if you get sick, make Mum walk the plank, get wet and eaten by a shark. *LOL*

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