Time, please.

Anyone know where I can get some more?  I spent Sunday in the office, working overtime.  It was supposed to be for a couple of hours only, but ended up being nearer to five, meaning I nearly missed out on watching the latest episode of “Monty Halls’ Great Escape” on BBC2 because of the traffic jams leaving London on a Sunday afternoon; go figure.

I have had little time to do any Gaelic work, mostly because we have been so busy at work and I’ve been trying to sort out the piles and piles of books I have at home into an orderly filing system on the shelves, rather than on the floor, the bedside cabinet and so on.   That, and catching up on my sleep, appears to be gobbling up horrendous amounts of time.

So, if you have some spare, why not send it my way?

To my dear sister: I hope you are now feeling better.  Also, if Grandma should wonder why she has suddenly started receiving books, its because I am using up my BookMooch points to send her some fun reading.

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