Fire! Fire!

Yes, its that time of year again.  Our annual night-time fire drill.   Of course, everyone is alerted, and my colleague was on holiday, so I was the only one in the office when the evacuation signal was given.    Over 30 flights of stairs to descend, then a three block walk to our designated muster area.    

I checked in when I arrived at the muster point and asked my time.  I was told 17 minutes.    When I sat down on some stairs, I took out my pedometer and checked the time (which is sychronised to the phones at work), only to find it had been 7 minutes.   The evacuation signal was given 10 minutes after the first alarm on my floor.   Very unhappy that the record will show I was slow to leave, and will be reporting this to my manager.

I must admit there were a lot fewer people than I expected, given how many usually work nights in this building.    I was also intrigued to find charity collectors moving amongst the crowd at the muster point?   WTF?  Did someone give them a heads up that we’d all be standing there without our personal belongings, as per fire drill instructions?

Oh well, that’s my exercise for the day.  *LOL*

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