So sorry I have not posted any updates this week.  Firstly, I was off work on Monday with the dentist, so no internet and, as a result, no update.  I spend the early hours of Tuesday morning talking to my best friend about various things, including relationship issues.   I truly an grateful to her because, once again, she helped my find clarity.  I love her to bits and if I didn’t have her, my sister or my Gran in my life, I’d probably be lost.

Tuesday we were busy at work.

Wednesday we weren’t busy at work, but I had a killer headache and put my head down once every went home, so I didn’t write an update.   I even went home half an hour early.

Thursday: I took the night off as I was exhausted after a night of no sleep and couldn’t face the drive into work, let alone the drive home.   The headache returned at about 7 p.m. in the evening.

Friday: I typed this post.

The weekend will be spent resting and recouperating, as the headache is still with me.   I was hoping to make a trip to Sutton Hoo on Sunday, but I just can’t face it.   Once again, I have to delay my visit to the site.  Such is life.

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