Not enough time

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, so I had very little time today to do anything.  I did managed, on my way home from work to purchase some Mother’s Day cards, though I won’t need mine until May, when it’s Mother’s Day in Australia.

I had just enough time this afternoon to get to Next to purchase some new shoes.   Both (identical) pairs I normally wear to work are busted, so I needed replacements.  Unfortunately, Next had only one pair in stock, so I’ve had to order the second pair from the internet.  I’ve decided on two, very similar styles: one flat loafter for casual wear, and one heeled loafer for work.  

I also caught up with one of my landlords, and learned that all the work going on is in order to create a car park.   I guess they are considering loaning out the grounds for conferences and wedding parties.   I will be watching with interest to see how it all pans out.    Other than the building work, its been very quiet.  Max is definitely missed.   The other two dogs, both labradors just can’t match his vocal ability.    I have been told though that the puppy now gets on with the Rottweiler, which means he may be roaming about soon, in which case, I will have problems getting in and out of the property.   Will have to wait and see how things go; but I’m wary of him since he’s nipped me twice.

I sent a video of my speaking Gaelic to my tutor and though she could not view it, she could hear it.   Grammatically correct, but accent in the wrong place  – to paraphrase her comments.   Guess I need to practice more, eh?  Shame I have no native speakers living near to me.

To think they have forecast snow for the morning – and the daffodils are out!

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