“Monty Halls’ Great Escape”

I was scanning the digibox last night, searching for something to watch after “Lark Rise to Candleford”, when I stumbled across a listing for “Monty Halls’ Great Escape”, about a gentleman who sets up residence in a bothy in the north-west of Scotland.   I thought I would watch it as it appeared he was doing what I only dream of.

As it turns out, its exactly what I want to do, only a bit further down the coast from where I want to be.  The more I watched, the more jealous I became of Monty Halls.   Its a three-part series and I intend to watch while wearing a shade of pea-green envy.   The only upside, from my point of view, is that Monty is only spending the summer at Applecross, not the whole year.   Perhaps I can sneak up there and take it over, now that he’s gone? *cue evil laugh*

Its also good to hear the music of the Peatbog Faeries being used on the programme, too.  I listen to the albums quite a bit on my commute to and from work, so to hear their music played over scenes of the Higlands and Islands is a real treat.

Anyways, here is an introductory video from the man himself.

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