Bad and Sad

It was with annoyance that I discovered I had cut myself with the floss on Saturday afternoon.  It was wtih despair that I realised it had become an abscess on Saturday night.   I telephoned both my mother and sister to ascertain if I should seek a doctor or dentist; though neither was forthcoming.

I awoke from uncomfortable sleep, in agony, on Monday morning and telephoned my doctor, who answered the telephone and told me I required a dentist.  I telephoned his office for an emergency appointment, which was duly granted for 10.15 a.m. the following day.    Why not sooner?  They were already doubled booked!

I returned to bed, hoping for some easy rest.   The abscess denied me any.  I awoke in the afternoon and headed down to the local shop for essentials: bread, milk and water.  As I returned, the landlord stopped me to say that if I wanted to spend time with Max, I had better go and see him, as he was to be “put down” in an hour’s time.

Max was a big, beautiful, white Alsation who is a bit dopey, but absolutely gorgeous.  I headed down to the house to find out what was happening.  As it turns out, he had collapsed in the field and they had to carry him back to the house.  Given he was in his 13th year, had epilepsy and problems with his hind legs, it had now become clear it was time.  It had been several months since Max was able to sleep outside, he was gaining weight because he could not move and he had been whining for weeks.

I spent some time chatting to him, and my landlady and patting him, but every time I bent down my tooth seared.  I didn’t tell them of my pain, because I knew the family were suffering.  Max was the last link to their departed father.

So, it was I heard them take Max off to the vet and the deed was done.   Later that evening, I was speaking to my landlady and she was in floods of tears.   I comforted her as best I could.  I learned that everyone in the complex had come down to spend time with Max, even contractors and employees had said their goodbyes.   A nice thought.

Max was my sister’s favourite when she visited a few years back, so I telephoned her later that evening and told her the sad news.  Its been two days and the place seems very quiet indeed.   Its surprising how much Max contributed to the general noise of the homestead.

Tuesday morning, I took myself off to the dentist and, surprise, he lanced the abscess.   Even under anistethetic, I could feel the pain rising and, so I took two nurofen.  Luckily that was the right decision, because once the local wore off, I was in agony.   Needless to say, I did not come into work.

After a restless first half of the night, I managed to fall asleep sometime around 2 a.m.   Deep, blissful, pain free sleep.   I kept sleeping right up until 1 p.m. whereupon I left a message for my Gaelic tutor to inform her I wasn’t attending class today.

Yes, its still tender.   I feel bruised, but the pain is shortlived, when I bend down or when I lie on that side in bed.   Of course, I expect that when I return for the “soft tissue surgery” on 9 March, the pain will be worse, but, that’s the 9th March and, until then, I’m not going to think about it.  I’m just going to continue with salt water rinsing and light brushing.

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