So very tired …

I had trouble getting to sleep last night.  I went to bed early, as I have my Gàidhlig tutorial today.   I don’t know what it was, because the temperature was mild and I was tired, but I just couldn’t get to sleep.  By the time I drifted off, I had only three hours in which to get the rest I need.  Not nearly enough to carry me through my lesson and a full night of work.

I was shattered when I awoke and only just made it out the door on time.   I forgot to make my sandwiches for dinner, though and it wasn’t until I arrived at the college that I realised I had no food for the evening.   I dashed out the door and the traffic was fine, right up until I was less than a quarter mile from work, when it took over an hour to get in to the parking lot, owing to yet more roadworks courtesy of various bodies, such as Thames Water, who have blocked off Bishopsgate.  

I was desperate for a comfort break by the time I got to work, dashed into the office before making my way to the tube.   I could barely walk I was so tired, but I had to move, or I would have been horrifically late and my tutor would think I wasn’t attending.   Strangely enough, I arrived with 10 minutes to spare.  Only my tutor also arrived five minutes early, which is odd, as ever since we set up the meetings, we have both been late.

I couldn’t think straight, and I feel I wasted her time somewhat.   However, my tutor assured me that slow progress in Gàidhlig is normal, even for those who are good at languages, which was comforting.   Even so, very little from today’s meeting sunk in.  

I arrived back at work in good time, but its busy and everything seems to be taking an age.  I’ve only just managed to take a break to scoff some takeaway.    I can’t imagine how long the drive home is going to feel tonight.    I might just crash as soon as I get in the door, rather than pottering about with the housework.

At least I have something to help me wake up tomorrow; my dictionary has arrived at my local Waterstones and I want to pick it up before coming into work. 

Now, if only I could find some toothpicks to hold up my eyelids until I get home …

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