Doors and Windows

I’ve had some news from my sister about her job, which was initially quite good, and I sent her an email offering support, only to get word, by return, that all was not as it seemed.   Apparently, another staff member has left, leaving her practically alone and coping with two different retail outlets, near to each other, but still physically apart.  Very odd situation for a firm to put a staff member in.  I know my sister cannot physically be in two places at once.

Its a shame, because I had thought after the disappointment of her earlier idea, this new managerial option would have been of benefit.   To learn the reality of the situation is less than desirable is disheartening.  Its time my dear sister had a break.

As for me, I’ve spent around four hours over the last two days attending to my Gaelic lessons.  I am more confused than I was the day before yesterday.  I hope my tutor can sort things out for me tomorrow.

There was a bit of a weird moment this evening, when the office manager sent an email to me whilst I was away from my desk returning documents to a colleague.   I didn’t notice the email upon my return, and continued with my book.   Half an hour later, the manager came out and asked if I had seen the two emails she sent; the second was a reminder sent whilst I was in the bathroom.    It didn’t look good: me, sitting there with my Gaelic homework and her emails unanswered.   Still, there is a procedure in place that any emails are to be sent to both myself, and my colleague of an evening, so that nothing goes amiss.    Even so, I’m not looking forward to my next performance review.  *eeek*

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