Time Well Spent

I spent some time this past weekend visiting friends I had not seen in over a month, which was grand. But, the best thing about the weekend just gone is that I got to talk to my best friend for over four hours. Yes, that’s right four hours.

I miss being able to talk to her regularly.   The fact she is currently unemployed doesnt’ have many upsides, except that now I can actually catch her at home to chat.   Whilst she was doing her degree, we had very little time, as there was always an assignment for her to do, or she was at work.   So, I’m glad there is a small window in which I will be able to call her on a whim.   Of course,  I do hope she finds work soon, and, to be honest, I hope she finds work here in the UK, so we can meet up, face-to-face.  As there are no teaching jobs available in Australia at the moment, this is a possibility.  In the meantime, I am enjoying the thought that I can call her as often as I do my sister, or my grandmother.

I did spend the first hour chatting to her mother, who is also a friend, so, in actuality, we only talked for three hours.   P is such a grounding force on me.   Whenever I feel I am losing touch, or being silly, or just not thinking straight, she always manages to bring me back to myself.    I value her friendship, her confidence and her totally unique way of seeing the world.   I miss her as much as I miss my family.

Sometimes just chatting about nothing really means something.

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