Good Luck Day

I should like to show my gratitude by offering my sincere thanks to the staff of Waterstones, particularly at the Orpington branch and Alison, from one of the Edinburgh branches, who provided outstanding service today.    

I have been searching since December for a particular Gaelic dictionary to no avail.   Although it was published in June 2008, it is now out of print and hard to find, so the only copies I have been able to locate were in excess of £100, despite retailing for £20 a few months earlier.

I was delighted to find on the Waterstones website, that several of their branches indicated they had the book, but were “low in stock”.   As I was unable to order these copies through the online service, I enquired of the Orpington branch as to whether it was possible to order in from another branch.  As it turns out they can, because the book is now out of print.

The young lady, whose name I neglected to ask, spent 45 minutes on the telephone to various branches in Scotland and, after considerable effort, managed to track down a single copy, which she has ordered for me.    I was literally bouncing up and down in the shop this afternoon, I was so overjoyed.  The telephone was passed to me and I was able to thank Alison, of the Edinburgh branch, as well.

This is the second time I’ve had exceptional service from Waterstones – the first being when I needed to obtain books from the Irish Text Society.  Once again, the staff went to great lengths to assist me and I was able to acquire all five volumes of the series.

Thank you Waterstones for fabulous service and for my Gaelic dictionary.

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