Winning Isn’t Everything

I received a telephone call today to say I had won a competition run by Classic FM.   I was actually in a bit of shock because I had been entering competitions through them for over four years now.   I was unsure as to which competition I had won, but the lovely lady on the telephone said she has sent me an email with a link to the prize.

As it turns out, I’ve won an overnight stay in a top British hotel.   Great!   Only, I’m not sure I can afford to go.   You see, I’ve won accommodation, but that is all and, after today, I’m brassic.   

One of my tyres have has had a slow puncture for about two weeks now, so I had to get it seen to.  I took it down the local tyre place and all was okay, until they put the car up and had a look at all my wheels.   The slow puncture was on the rear passenger side, but its opposite had what looked like a bit of a tear and wasn’t going to last any longer.   Half an hour later they come back and ask me to take a look at the front, driver’s side wheel – it has a lump, i.e. its ready to burst, so that, too, has to be replaced.

£214 later, I’m broke.   Only the gods know what I’m going to survive on for the rest of the month.   And, I have yet to purchase my mother’s birthday gift, which I now can’t afford, which is going to look very ugly, as I have not managed to buy, and send her a card, either. 

So, the lady from Classic FM was right: it is my lucky day – I had both good luck and bad luck.

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