I’ve finally had  breakthrough in researching my family history.   I’ve managed to gain access to the research of two others on my maternal line, and this has furnished me with information going back to the early 1800s.   Its amazing how it all just spirals – one link leads to two or three other researchers, and the further I go back the more trees to which I can link.

As it turns out, I have links to Kent, where I currently reside, London, Cambridge, Norfolk, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Ireland.  I have yet to find a link to Scotland, but there’s sure to be something, somewhere.   

What is also eluding me is when various relatives emigrated to Australia.  The ship’s records are not all online, and its very difficult to do research at this distance.  

I am disappointed, however, to have virtually nothing on my paternal side. My uncle did some research on the family tree a while back and, despite several requests (direct and indirect), he has neglected to furnish me with any information.    That side of the tree remains forlonly blank.

In the meantime, I’m off to do some more research.

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