Return to Work

So, I was able to get to work this evening, but I am none too happy about the drive home as there was a lot of water on the roads, which will quickly turn to ice this evening.   It will be a very slow, and careful drive home this evening.

It appears that one of our bosses was cornered by Channel 4 news yesterday, and he made some passing remark about staff making up for the lost day of work by working through lunch, staying back, etc. – only Channel 4 appear to have left off his smirk at the end, thus making him seem like a misery guts, which he isn’t.   Still, some of the people in the office are having fun goading him. 

Over the weekend, I heard from my landlady that, sometime in the next 10 days, they will be putting to sleep the eldest dog.   He is now incontinent, vomitting and unable to stand properly.   He’s around 14 years old, and it really is his time I think.   Its just too much for him now and with the two younger dogs playing outside all the time, he spends most of his time barking and whining and its jangling everyone’s nerves.    He’ll be missed.  Dopey as he is, he is a beautiful looking animal with marvellous (if somewhat glassy) eyes.

I just realised I’ve lost a day.  Better get on with my Gaelic homework …

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