Snow Day

Today was my first ever official “Snow Day”.   When I saw how much snow was falling overnight, I wasn’t sure how anyone would get to work.

I awoke earlier than usual and decided that I would go and ask my landlady what the situation was, as her son had been out all night snow-ploughing the roads in the area, under a Council contract, so I figured she would know if driving was possible.

The news channels were reporting no trains, no busses and very bad driving conditions, owing to the lack of traffic to spread the grit and disperse the snow.  As I went out to find my landlady, I could hear her coming down the stairs calling my name and I noticed my mobile had a message on it.  Turns out, work had called to say not to come in, as it they were closing the office.

So, I took the opportunity to go out and take some photographs and video.   Apparently, its hasn’t snowed like this in nearly two decades.  I was so very happy and not at all cold.

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