I was blind …

… but now I see. Yes, folks, I picked up one of the two pairs of glasses I had on order yesterday. It was a pair of FCUK 63 frames with lenses that are anti-glare and go darker in bright conditions.

The man handed them over, I put them on and he handed me a card to read. I never knew my eyesight was that bad. I had been told mine was a light prescription, but it made a huge difference, especially when reading those instructions on the backs of packets and cans, like soup.

I went to work and started wearing them, but, halfway through the night, my eyes hurt. I have done the same tonight, I have a few hours to go and my eyes are hurting again. Sure, no headaches, but my eyes are sore. The picture I took last night to send to my sister has me with red eyeballs and they are red, again, tonight. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. I’m hoping, too, my second pair arrive soon.

Oh, and I want to raise one issue about the store from which I purchased said glasses, Specsavers.   On one the message boards I frequent, a post was appalled that a gentleman who arrived for his test before her was there when she arrived and still there when she left.  When she asked a staff member if he was alright, the response was:  “Oh he’s NHS, they have to wait”.

Two things: 

Why does he have to wait?  The NHS are paying for his treatment and, thus, he is a patient who deserves respect, regardless of his financial situation.

Isn’t the information as to his being an NHS patient confidential?  What right did that staff member to give that information to a completed stranger?

After reading this, I did wonder about the lady whose husband was with her in a wheelchair (and obviously not very well) when I went in to collect my specs, was also a NHS patient being made to wait.   I was told when my appointment was for my fitting, but I was also told I could come in earlier, if I so desired.  I arrived an hour early.  When I walked in, there were several people already in the seating area, and only two less when I left.  Okay, I wasn’t there for a test, but, even so I felt awful because the lady had mentioned the time of her appointment when I first entered and, at that point, she had already been waiting, at the very least, ½ hour.  By the time I left, that period had increased to 45 minutes. 

Given the state of her husband, I would have presumed she might have been given priority.  Certainly, I would have let her go ahead of me.

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