Wanted: A Lover for my Best Friend

I was discussing the online dating scene with my best friend last year and she jokingly asked me to do something online about finding her a love match.   As the conversation continued, I became more serious about the idea and, subsequently, started a blog in order to find someone.

Why a blog

Well, because blogging seems to get a lot of traffic these days and it would be totally dedicated to one person.   I can write as much, or as little as I like and my best friend can also contribute, as can her other friends, family, work collegues and anyone that knows her. 

Will it work

I don’t know.   So far, I am the only one viewing the pages, but I haven’t advertised it or linked to it anywhere – yet.   I am not sure, either, how things will pan out given I live in England and she remains in Australia, but I’m hoping that it will be clear to any readers.Caged

I’m hoping also that anyone reading it will leave questions and/or comments to generate more content in order to make the blog interesting.

All I can do is hope that readers here might pass the link on.   So, if you’re interested in helping out, or you’re looking for love and you live in Australia, why not have a read at “Wanted:  Someone to Love My Best Friend“.

If you should have any comments or suggestions, Reader, please let me know.

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