Welcome to 2009

Well, I’m finally back at work and on the internet, having spent from Boxing Day to New Year’s Eve in a rather bad state.  I contracted that awful influenza that has been doing the rounds.  So, I spent my time between burning heat and bone-chilling cold, eating only ice chips and getting out of bed only to attend to the bathroom.   

I only remember one other instance when I felt that sick (with a wish to die) and that was in the early 1990s, as I as preparing to move out of my rented accommodation back in with my mother.   My mother ended up doing the move for me and the cleaning, because I was in bed with bone-aching chills and pains.   At least she was there to care for me, then.  This time, there was only myself and I kept the thermometer and mobile phone close by in case I needed an ambulance, i.e. I started to halucinate because my fever was spiking.

It was days before I slept and another 24 hours, again, before I was able to eat.   I am exhausted, I have a cough, an earache and a headache, but I am able to come to work, at least.

No, not the best of starts to 2009, but things can only get better, right?




Today is the one year anniversary of my having quit smoking!!!!

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