What a Bonus!

Every Monday, I get my bank balance sent to me via text; it’s a handy way of keeping track of my spending.   Today, I had a nice surprise when the text came through, as it was obvious I had received my salary, 16 days early, along with a bonus.    Yes, you heard right.   My firm paid me a bonus this year.    This is good news on two levels:

Firstly, I was able to pay back the money that a friend loaned me in order to purchase Elvy and finally rid my self of the woes that Voldy had brought to my life.

Secondly, when everyone else in the world is worried about money and whether they will even have a job come the New Year, it’s comforting to know our firm is safe, and, consequently, so is my position here.   Actually, we’ve been rather busy, so I was only slightly worried.

The only downside was Mr Taxman, who took out a small fortune from my wages, because of the bonus and the overtime that was included in this month’s salary.   *boo*  *hiss*

Even so, I am happy today, because I have paid off one creditor and my job is secure – for now.

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