The Lost Weekend

On Saturday night, my favourite contestant on The X Factor, Diana Vickers, was eliminated in the semi-final having given her best performance in weeks.  I am surprised, as when I tried to vote, the lines were busy.   Of course, that just adds to suspicions that the show is fixed (again) so that the judges’ favourite, Alexandra, will win.  It matters not to me.  I doubt I’ll be watching this Saturday, as I am certain of the outcome, the voting British public’s unerring penchant for blandness in pop culture will out.   Besides, I know that this time next year, I will have Diana’s first album loaded to my iPod.   What’s more, she won’t be singing some soppy, slow song to gain the Christmas No. 1 this year. 

I had the weekend all planned out, but the gods seemed to disagree wtih my ideas.   So, I spent most of my time in bed, under the duvet, resting.

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