Obh Obh

Given my experiences in the past of trying to get up to London in time to meet my Gaelic tutor, I gave myself just over two hours to arrive today.   Alas, I was late again.   I don’t do the tubes, mostly because of the lack of easy access to facilities, whereas on a bus, the driver often lets you out at awkward spots and taxis are even more convenient.  So, to get just over one mile away took over an hour.  In the end, I walked the last quarter mile because traffic was simply not moving.  I kid you not.  I would hate to be a passenger further down the line on some of these bus routes, as you’d just never get anywhere.   So much for getting more people to use public transport – why would they if they are going to miss every appointment because of road works, gas works and water pipe replacement works.

I was fifteen minutes late for my session.  I am lucky in that my tutor is very forgiving.   We ended up at a cafè and remained there for two hours.   Yes, my sessions are only meant to be for an hour, but we get chatting, having so much in common and time slips away.   I did feel a bit relieved when my tutor said it was okay for me to flip from one book to another, as I was stumped with one lesson of Teach Yourself Gaelic, so I needed a distraction before going back to it.   Her work with me on the sounds and how to produce them has been invaluable, as has the groupings of letters by their formation in the mouth – it just makes all the changes so logical for me when reading text.

Luckily, this time, I took a cab back to the office, so I wasn’t late.   Unluckily, my cab was involved in a road traffic accident and the driver neglected to turn off the metre whilst he confronted the scooter who rammed us.

I think I am going to be very tired tomorrow, as I have been asked to work through the night and my colleague has tomorrow evening off.   The word exhausted might come up in a post – soon.

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