Wasn’t Me …

Well, came to work to find an email about a vomitting bug doing the rounds of the offices (and schools).    Our firm has provided anti-bacterial wipes and gels for every individual.  I can honestly say “It wasn’t me” who brough this bug into our firm as it turns out someone else was off sick last week with the same thing.   It seems I got off a bit lightly compared to some.   Don’t get me wrong: I’m still a little woosy and I haven’t eaten all that much since Sunday, but at least I made it to work.

Once again, I will have to cancel my gaelic lesson.  I’m just too tired and not 100%.  I’m sure my tutor must think I’m dodging her, but its just been a bad month.  Perhaps I should have delayed starting my studies until 2009?

On an altogether different topic … Congratulations to my uncle who managed to find both a job and a flat in Sydney, despite the dire economic climate in Australia.   I hope all goes well for you and you get some nice, solid tenants for your house back in Brisbane.

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