Expensive Tours

If you’re a regular reader of this online journal, you would be aware that I have booked my holiday for next year already.  I have done so with Neil at Megalithic Tours.  I did this, because Neil provides an excellent services going to places that few others do at a very reasonable cost.   Only, I did not realise just how reasonable until this week when I saw two separate tours advertised.

The first I encountered in a well-known pagan magazine.  It was called Celtic Trails and it advertised a seven day tour taking in Highland Perthshire, the Isle of Iona and the West Coast.  The prices ranged from £1,100 to £1,500 depending on itinerary and accommodation.   As much as I want to get to Iona one day, that was way out of my price range.  

The second tour company operates out of Australia, and calls itself Dragon’s Eye Tours.  It runs two tours: one to the West Country of England and another to Ireland.  Granted, the first is 11 days long and costs AUD$4,500, but the Irish tour is only 9 days long and comes in at AUD$3,000, but this is land cost only, flights not included. 

Now I realise both of these companies provide specialised guides for the tours and, in some instances, secure private access to certain sites, and this may justify some of the cost, but it is often possible to arrange access to sites through special interest groups, and often volunteers from said groups will provide you with good, honest information.

I’m just glad Megalithic Tours follows these kind of itineraries, otherwise I would probably not visit the sites.  As I travel alone which adds to the cost and the miles involved can make a fun trip tedious, so having a tour guide and fellow travellers makes more sense.   Apparently, Megalithic Tours can now be found on facebook, too.

Still, if you want to go to these places, here’s a nice selection of what’s on offer:

Ireland and the Ancient Emerald Isle ~ 9 days

Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury ~ 4 days (private access to Stonehenge included)

Orkney & Shetland ~ 6 days (this one I highly recommend photos and journal of 2008’s itinerary here).

Do have a search around and see if you can’t find better.   I lived in the UK for over a decade and I’ve yet to find a better touring company than Megalithic Tours for visiting historic or mystical sites.


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2 responses to “Expensive Tours

  1. mariinwonderland

    I’ve been reading your blog and I have to say I love the all of your trips. I’m an history major and I might have to give this tour a try. I saw the link for your trip to Orkney & Shetland and I am seriously considering taking that trip.
    Thanks for the link to the tour site!

  2. Definitely do the tour; its fantastic. I will probably do it again one day, too.

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