White Goods

At long last, I have a washing machine.  It was installed yesterday.  Its a basic model, but its quiet; very quiet in fact.  It fits perfectly and I can now do my washing at a convenient time to myself (usually in the middle of the night after I get home and energy prices are lower).

So, here it is:  The Beko WM5100W


On a completely different matter, many thanks must go to Transport for London for completely fecking up the system at Aldgate.  It took me over an hour to get from Dock Street, (near Tower Bridge) to Aldgate High Street, EC3, a distance of 0.54 miles, which, according to the journey planning sites, should take one minute.   I sat on Dock Street, in the same position, for 40 minutes.  That’s right, 40 minutes.  I even turned off my car.

The Aldgate one way system has been a disaster now for months.  Traffic is getting worse and people are getting extremely frustrated and angry.   When is it going to be put back, Transport for London?  And, before anyone has a go and tells me to use public transport, I can’t.  I work shifts and there is no public transport down to my home in Kent when I finish work.  I have no alternative but to drive.  When I was without a car, it took me 3 hours to get to work using a combination of shank’s pony, bus and train and the cab fare back every night was close to £70.

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