Where did it all go wrong?

Its 5 a.m. here in London.  I’m still at work.  I was asked if I could stay back two hours; its now been six.   I told them I couldn’t stay back but that didn’t stop 5 people from overloading me. 

Its Saturday and I need to get to the laundrette by 9 a.m. otherwise I won’t be finished by the end of the day.   I need to get to my bank by midday when it closes.  I need to get to the mall to pick up some perfume for my sister.  I need to get to my friend’s shop to sort out a delivery. 

None of these things is going to happen now, because I won’t be leaving for a few hours yet.  This means I effectively will have had no weekend, which means I will have to take the last day of my annual leave allocation on Monday in order to get those things done that I will not be able to do today.   No way is being paid overtime going to make up for this.

Oh, and another thing I’m pissed about.  Apparently my landlady felt she had the right to enter my flat (and bring in a plumber) whilst I was asleep, without giving me any prior notice.  How fecking creepy is that?  What’s more she proceeded to tell me off for not leaving my door unbolted so she could get in!!!  And she was narky about it, too.  I wonder how she’d feel about my bringing a tradesman into her ensuite whilst she slept.

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