My apologies to those who read this online journal that its been so quiet.  I have had not had time to write anything, owing to being busy at work, and also starting a new course.  I finally found a teacher to help with my Scots Gaelic and I have had my first lesson.   I can see its going to take up a bit of my time, as I need to practice daily and given my pronunciation is so far off, I am really going to have to put my head down.  In addition to this, I have been absent from work for two days, and have only returned today where, once again, I can access the internet.

I have to say that things at home have not been good.   When one of the tenants took over the whole of the bedsits I was informed that I could still use the washing machine.  However, when I went to do so on Tuesday, the door was locked and when I asked for the key I was informed that I could only use it when the tenant was home.    “What use is that to me, then?” I asked.  He works during the day, I work evenings and weekends, which leaves when?  This evoked the response that my use of the washing machine these past three years was only “as a favour”.   WTF?   I have signed two tenancy agreements in the time since I started using the machine and now they are removing my access?   They had better not think they can up my rent when I have to fork out for the laundrette every week now.

What’s more, I have been waiting for a new fridge for nigh on two years. At the moment, anything on my top shelf is frozen and I have no freezer.    Again, when I mentioned this, there was a response of “I didn’t know anything about a new fridge”.   I guess its all okay, as when I left for work this evening, I saw a fridge and a washing machine in the hall outside my back door.   Fingers crossed, eh?  Though, once again, the damp in my bathroom is becoming a problem and today I noticed the paint peeling away from the walls.   Will raise the issue with them again over the weekend.

I’m hoping for a quiet weekend to catch up on my coursework and to recover from my “down time” earlier in the week.

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